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Air Conditioning, Heating & Indoor Air Quality
Reed Mechanical Systems Inc. is dedicated to providing efficient, reliable heating and air conditioning service for our customers in Ventura, Santa Barbara, and the greater Ojai Valley area. To provide industry best solutions we start with the solid foundation of quality equipment from manufacturers that we can trust to deliver the best for our customers.

See below for the products we offer. For further information call us at (805) 768-6824. Thank you!
Ventura Air Conditioning
Air Conditioner
An air conditioner is responsible for cooling the air in your home. It does this by compressing refrigerant which chills it. The chilled refrigerant is then sent inside to the evaporator coil (or fan coil). The efficiency of air conditioning is measured by a SEER rating, with higher being better. Top-of-the-line air conditioners range from 18-26 SEER.
Air Conditioner
Ventura Heat Pump
Electric Heat Pump
An electric heat pump is similar to an air conditioner. It can chill refrigerant in the same way to provide cooling. However, a heat pump can also heat your home by absorbing heat energy from the outside air, and using this to heat the refrigerant. The heated refrigerant is then sent inside to the air handler (or fan coil).
Heat Pump
Ventura Heating
Gas Furnace
A gas furnace is the king of providing toasty warm air during chilly weather! We offer gas furnaces with very high AFUE (efficiency) ratings to provide you with exceptional performance for less money. A modern gas furnace with a variable speed fan will operate quieter than you have ever thought possible!
Gas Furnace
Ventura Ductless
Samsung Ductless System
If you have a new addition, or a home that you don't want to alter the design with ductwork, a Samsung ductless system is an ideal choice for efficient heating and cooling comfort. With some of the highest efficiency ratings in the industry, Samsung Ductless systems are a great solution for your Ventura home.
Indoor Air Quality
Indoor Air Quality
Indoor air quality is a common buzz word in the HVAC industry - but for good reason. Modern Ventura homes and buildings are built to be energy efficient, but this traps toxins, mold and even viruses inside, and cycles them into every part of your home when air conditioning. Indoor air quality products integrate into your HVAC system to purify, refresh and protect your air.
Indoor Air Quality
Ventura Evaporator Coil
Evaporator Coil
An evaporator coil is also called an indoor coil. It contains the copper tubing that an air conditioner sends refrigerant to. Air is pulled from your home via the return air duct, and then forced through the evaporator coil to cool in the summer season. UV lamps keep an evaporator coil free of the efficiency reducing mold that can grow on the coils.
Evaporator Coil
Ventura Thermostat
Thermostat & Zoning
A modern thermostat is much more than a mere switch to control the temperature. Thermostats now offer advanced features such as switching between heating sources depending on fuel cost, remote access, 7-day programming, and more. Zoning allows individual control over different areas of your home for increased comfort and energy savings.
Ventura Air Handler
Air Handlers / Fan Coils
When using a traditional gas furnace, evaporator coil and air conditioner setup (split system), the furnace fan is used in the cooling season to force air through the evaporator coil and into your home. A fan coil is used in the absence of a gas furnace (when you are using a heat pump or A/C only). A UV lamp will protect from mold.
Air Handler
Ventura Packaged Air Conditioning
Packaged HVAC System
When you don't have much extra space in your home, a packaged system can be the ticket. Packaged systems can include a furnace, air conditioner or heat pump all in one big, you guessed it, package. They are typically not as efficient (for residential) as a normal split system, but are ideal for providing reliable heating and air conditioning for space constrained environments.
For additional information, call the leader in Ventura air conditioning solutions at (805) 768-6824. We look forward to enhancing your indoor comfort control, and helping you lower your utility bills!