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Ductless Mini Splits

No ducts mean no worries. A ductless mini split air conditioner and heat pump is a simple way to cool and heat your home without the ductwork you'd find in a traditional system.

Did you know?

On average, 50% of your home's energy consumption is used for heating and cooling. A high SEER* mini split system, such as Samsung Pearl or Whisper, can drastically reduce the energy consumption in your home.


Samsung Heat Pump - 28.1 SEER
*SEER = Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, a measure of your air conditioner's efficiency. Higher SEER reflects higher efficiency.

Samsung Inverter

The Power of the Inverter

Each Samsung air conditioning system is powered by a variable speed Samsung inverter driven compressor. The variable speed control allows the compressor to operate at precisely the speed needed to generate the cooling and heating your home needs, resulting in increased effciency, reduced wear on the internal components and lower sound levels.

  • Time of day: Morning
  • Cooling need: Low
  • Compressor Speed: ~35%
  • Time of day: Afternoon
  • Cooling need: High/Max
  • Compressor Speed: ~100%
  • Time of day: Evening
  • Cooling need: Low
  • Compressor Speed: ~50%
  • Time of day: Night
  • Cooling need: Low/Off
  • Compressor Speed: ~15%

Low Noise Levels

Samsung air conditioners deliver comfort directly into the room without producing loud noise.

Samsung ductless air conditioners are meticulously designed with the user in mind, and minimizing sound levels is a key design aspect our engineers focus on. With almost whisper quiet sound levels, Samsung wall mounted indoor units can be installed in any room in your home without worrying about excessive noise. Samsung outdoor units are also significantly quieter than a traditional air conditioning condensing unit, allowing them to be installed in the most convenient location outside your home.

With a Samsung HVAC system, you can rest easy

Zoning and Comfort Control

Samsung mini-split air conditioners allow you to gain full comfort control over traditional problem areas like a master bedroom that isn't cooling or heating properly, or for easy expansion onto existing homes, such as finishing and conditioning a garage or attic space.

Multi-Zone System

The Samsung Free Joint Multi system takes a split system air conditioner to the next level, allowing you to provide individualized comfort control for your entire home by connecting multiple indoor units to a single condensing unit. Each indoor unit or zone can have a separate thermostat set point, creating the most comfortable environment for each space. Each zone runs only when needed, greatly reducing your energy use.