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Fan Coil (Air Handler)
A combination of the evaporator coil and the furnace fan.
As you may know, an evaporator coil houses a series of aluminum piping also called the "indoor coil" that an air conditioner sends chilled refrigerant to. When air conditioning, the fan motor in the furnace pulls warm air from the home and forces it through the chilled coil to cool and dehumidify it.

An air handler, or fan coil, is a combination of the above equipment. An air handler is the indoor coil system from an evaporator coil combined with the fan motor from a furnace. An air handler is used for heat pump only installations, or for homes that only used forced air for cooling because another heat source such as radiant heating is used.

An enemy of air handler coil efficiency is mold. A UV lamp installed into the coil will kill this mold, and help keep your coil running efficiently.

As with a furnace, a variable speed fan is the way to go when purchasing a new fan coil or air handler. They run quieter, provide better comfort control options, and actually cost less to run than traditional fan motors.

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