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Reed Mechanical is a trusted heating contractor for the greater Ojai Valley area including Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. We offer quality Ventura furnace repair, maintenance and new installation. Call us at (805) 768-6824 or use the form below, and we will contact you during normal business hours.
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Gas Furnace Installation
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Homes are typically heated by a gas furnace or electric heat pump. A furnace is king for efficient heating when natural gas is available, and the temperatures are pretty cool. For mild weather, or areas that don't have access to natural gas, a heat pump is more efficient than using propane.

Furnaces provide heat by igniting a flame that heats a metal grid-like device called a heat exchanger. Once the heat exchanger is hot, the fan motor turns on, and pulls cool air from the home, forcing it through the hot heat exchanger. The heated air is then pumped back into your home via ductwork.

Hybrid heating is a term you may hear regarding more efficient heating. With a hybrid heating system, a heat pump and furnace are both used together. When the weather is mild, and electric is cheaper to use than gas, the heat pump takes over. When the temperature drops down, the gas furnace is used automatically.

Furnace efficiency is measured with an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating. An AFUE rating is listed as a percentage, and it specifies how much of the fuel source (natural gas, propane) is actually converted into heat energy. Reed Mechanical Systems Inc offers gas furnaces with AFUE ratings up to 98%!

The fan motor in your furnace is used year round. Even when air conditioning, the fan motor is responsible for pulling warm air from the home, and forcing it through the evaporator coil to cool and dehumidify it. A variable speed fan motor is quiet, provides more comfort additional energy efficiency.

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Reed Mechanical is a leading Ventura furnace service company. Our in-depth experience allows us to provide the ideal solution for your specific needs.
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