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Evaporator Coil
Without one of these, you wouldn't have cool air.
What is an evaporator coil exactly? Not a name that makes that much sense to the average home owner. An evaporator coil houses a series of aluminum piping also called the "indoor coil". When running your air conditioner during a toasty Ventura summer, chilled refrigerant is sent from the air conditioner to the evaporator coil. Once the indoor coil is full of chilled refrigerant, the fan motor in the furnace turns on, and pulls air from the home. The air is then forced by the fan motor through the chilled coil, which cools and dehumidifies the air.

An enemy of evaporator coil efficiency is mold that likes to grow in the damp, dark interior of the indoor coil. A UV lamp installed into the coil will kill this mold, and help keep your coil running efficiently.

Remember that since the fan motor in the furnace is used year round, a variable speed fan is the way to go. They run quieter, provide better comfort control options, and actually cost less to run than traditional fan motors.

Reed Mechanical Systems is a leading Ventura air conditioning contractor. We service not only Ventura, but Santa Barbara and the entire Ojai Valley area.

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Ventura Evaporator Coil