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Heat Pumps
Similar to an air conditioner, but radically different.
A heat pump sits outside the home, and looks just like an air conditioner. In fact, in the summer it cools your home the same way an air conditioner does: by compressing refrigerant which chills it. The chilled refrigerant is then sent inside to the indoor coil, and warm air from your home is forced through the coil, thus cooling it.

The primary difference between air conditioners and heat pumps is the fact that a heat pump can also heat your home. The same process used to cool is reversed. Now heat energy is absorbed from outside air and used to heat the refrigerant. Even in cool weather, there is still heat energy in the air, otherwise it would be below zero. A heat pump takes the available heat energy and heats the refrigerant which is then pumped back inside to the indoor coil. The cool air from your home is forced through the coil, which heats it.

Heat Pump Efficiency
The efficiency of a heat pump is measured two ways. A Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) is used for measuring cooling efficiency, and an Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) is used to measure heating efficiency. Other things play into efficiency such as the indoor components, and the quality of installation. If properly matched to an efficient, variable speed air handler, overall efficiency can sometimes be increased.

Reed Mechanical Systems Inc is a leading Ventura heat pump contractor offering traditional split and ductless mini-split systems. If you are looking for Santa Barbara or Ventura heat pump installation, repair or maintenance, you've found the right contractor to call!

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